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Fashion Designer and Artist

As a Designer I see Art from a different perspective. I learned to work with inspiration via Moodboards and art journals. Being creative is a very important part of my life.

My Inspiration can be found in places I lived in as well as Art, Music, Architecture, Fashion and Nature.

When you are used to fashion design it comes natural to work in collections with a certain theme. 

I offer workshops and Art Classes for companies and organizations such as Boesner, Volkshochschule, Artnight and Kunst- und Kulturverein Baunatal ( Feel free to contact me for individual art classes or commissioned artwork. 



Loft 56, New York City, January 2011

Loft 56, New York City, March - July 2011

Loft 56, New York City, October - December 2011

Loft 56, New York City, May and June 2012

Orpheus, Berlin, October 2015​

Orpheus, Dubai, November 2015

Orpheus, Berlin, January and February 2016

Passage Baunatal, September and October 2022

ECKD Kassel, November 2022 - June 2023

Intercity Hotel Kassel, January - April 2023

Osteo-S-Path Kassel, February - May 2023

ASB Tagespflege Habichtswald, March - June 2023

RATIO Baunatal, March - April 2023

ASB Lohfelden, March - June 2023

Hotel Scirocco Baunatal, March - May 2023

Kunst Etage Baunatal, April 2023

Kauf Park Göttingen, May 2023

Kloster Museum Hasungen, August and September 2023

Rathaus Foyer Baunatal, October 2023

RATIO Baunatal, October and November 2023



Instagram: constance_desiree_art


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